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Foundation of Novamab

Founded October 2017 and located in Shanghai International Medical Zone, Shanghai Novamab Biomedical Technology Co. Ltd (Novamab) is specialized in innovative nanobody new drugs and is devoted to developing the better drugs for patients. Dr. Yakun Wan, CEO and founder of Novamab, has experience of more than 10 years in nanobody research and development including several candicates under clinical trials. With a professional and skillful team, Novamab has built a rich R&D pipeline covering oncology, ophthalmic diseases, autoimmune diseases, and cardiovascular diseases


Novamab won 30 Million RMB of Pre-A Round Investment

In August 2017, Novamab won 30 million RMB of Pre-A round investment from Zhangkelingyi Innovation Fund. The funds will be used to establish the state of art platforms for nanobody discovery and process development. Zhangkelingyi Innovation Fund will also introduce more partners for Novamab to accelerate pipeline expansion. With the support from professional biotech investor, Novamab will enrich and optimize pipeline, accelerate capacity upgrading, improve R&D capabilities, push candidates into later stages.

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